Welcome to FFUNK! 🎉

FFUNK offers an ever-evolving catalog of MIDI Packs designed for music producers to quickly create high-quality music, beats, and songs.

This catalog is curated and updated by a select team of experienced composers and producers.

Inspired by the user-friendly model pioneered by Splice, FFUNK is straightforward to integrate into your music production process. Whether you're a beginner or seasoned producer, learning how to use FFUNK will streamline your workflow and enhance your creative output.

What is FFUNK? 🎼

FFUNK is a subscription-based catalog of MIDI Packs. We offer MIDI Files categorized into four main categories:

  • 🟪 Songstarters: These are multi-track MIDI Files, meaning they contain more than one clip or track. When you drag-and-drop one into your DAW, multiple tracks will usually appear, often three: bass, chords, and melody. This gives you the fundamental materials to start a musical piece.

  • 🟧 Chord Progressions: These MIDI Files are single-track and contain a chord progression, often taken from the related songstarter. This category of MIDI Files typically features a very simplified rhythm, allowing you to use the chord progression more flexibly.

  • 🟩 Melodies: As the name suggests, Melody MIDI Files contain just a melody line. If you know the key of the song you're working on, you can filter FFUNK by key+melody and see if any of our melodies fit your composition.

  • 🟦 Drums: These MIDI Files are for Drums, including patterns like hi-hat rolls or 808s. Particularly useful for Trap and Drill producers, these MIDI Files can significantly speed up your drum programming.

Why FFUNK? 🧠

There was a significant gap in the availability of high-quality MIDI Files online, primarily because, before FFUNK, music composers and producers operated in separate spheres. Composers, often with classical training, focused on their craft, while producers, typically lacking formal musical education, concentrated on theirs. This division led to a scarcity of genuinely high-quality MIDI Files.

Music composition plays a crucial role in the overall quality of a production, yet, paradoxically, it tends to be one of the last aspects producers consider. We believe that MIDI Files are the essential component missing from the vast array of resources available to music producers today. MIDI Files hold immense potential for enhancing music production:

  • Accelerate Creation and Completion: A significant portion of a final product's quality is determined by the musical notes used. Producers often spend too much time on less impactful aspects, leading to unfinished projects that don't meet their initial vision. High-quality MIDI Files streamline the process, allowing producers to focus on the elements that matter most in today's music industry.

  • Elevate Music Quality: Composing music is challenging. We've dedicated time to selecting composers for our MIDI Files who have exceptional skills, ensuring our files are of the highest quality. Using these files can significantly improve the final output, ensuring that the production sounds professional and resonates well with audiences.

  • Enable Transferable Emotion in Music: The emotional impact of music largely comes from its composition. Changing various elements of a production can still preserve the original composition's emotional resonance with listeners. This aspect is vital, as listeners seek out music that evokes specific feelings and emotions.

We're thrilled to offer FFUNK MIDI Files to the global music production community, believing they will be a valuable tool for producers looking to elevate their work.

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